Central State FC Podcast S01E01 – Indy Eleven and the US Soccer D-2 Agreement

In Episode 1: Logan Ayers and Colin Steitz discuss the D-2 Agreement on the US Soccer Pyramid, talk about NASL Expansion, banter the Chargers moving to LA, and talk about Indy Eleven’s first 9 signings of the 2017 campaign.


1 Response

  1. Derrick Beck

    Really good first podcast under this name. It is a big question really where the whole league would go. I hope it does stabilize, but also USA would be a great league from having big rivalry games plus away games would not be as far either. That championship title really needs to change! Haha when I think Logan said “It’s a NCAA football game in a soccer stadium,” that made my night haha so great. I have no clue how the Chargers will be able to stay in LA, there is no room at all. Glad to hear the players you guys mentioned that have a great chance to stay, will stay. Like Duke, was one of the better younger players and top players in on the team like, Mares, Falvey, Zayed, even Miller. Busch would be a great person to come back and be our goalie. But like what Colin said, it would be good to give Cardona, sorry if I misspelled his name, more time on the pitch to developers more and have Busch be his coach. I don’t care who really dislikes him at a personal level to me, he is one of the best in the NASL period! Can’t wait to hear more podcasts in the future you guys!

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