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Midfield Press provides coverage and commentary on independent soccer clubs and leagues in North America. The website was founded in 2014 and has provided leading coverage on the beautiful game in the USA beyond the scope of Major League Soccer. Midfield Press is owned and operated by Midfield Press, LLC. Chris Kivlehan currently serves as Publisher of Midfield Press.

Midfield Press can be reached by emailing themidfieldpress@gmail.com

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Ian Bergel – Twitter
Thomas Hodul – Twitter
Chris Kivlehan –  Twitter
George McConnellTwitter
Fletcher Sharpe – Twitter

Previous Contributors (partial list):

Jason Bruzzichesi: Twitter (former Editor-in-Chief)

Omar Avalos – Twitter
Logan David Ayers – Twitter
Tyler BodnarTwitter
Chuck Booth – Twitter
John Brown II – Twitter
Daniel CaseyTwitter
Alan Chapman – Twitter
Alex Chiang – Twitter
Thomas De Pinto – Twitter
Ian Foster – Twitter
John Frusciante – Twitter
Hugo GreenhalghTwitter
Steve HamlinTwitter
Luis HernandezTwitter
Nachiket Karnik – Twitter
Garett Kerber –  Twitter
Nick Laveglia – Twitter
Tom LeonardTwitter
Kyle MacNaughton – Twitter
Stuart MactaggartTwitter
David Martin – Twitter
Alejandro Merlan – Twitter
Kenneth Mintz – Twitter
Tim Nash – Twitter
Isaac Payano – Twitter
Aidan Reagh – Twitter
Paul Scanling – Twitter
Nathan Shelby –  Twitter
Ryan Springer – Twitter
Scotty Smith –  Twitter
Clement Williams –  Twitter
Peter J. WiltTwitter

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