Photo: Jon Van Woerden/Fort Lauderdale Strikers

Recap: Cardiac Cosmos shatter Strikers’ hopes for win

Fort Lauderdale Strikers 3 – 3 New York Cosmos


23’ – Gabriel (PK) (FTL)
48’ – Walter Ramirez (PK) (FTL)
59’ – Walter Ramirez (FTL)
62’ – Leo Fernandes (NYC)
66’ – Adam Moffat (NYC)
90’ – Sebastian Guenzatti (NYC)

50’ – Adam Moffat in for Danny Szetela
50’ – Lucky Mkosana in for Haji Wright
53’ – Shawn Chin for Fabian Kling
70’ – Jose Angulo in for Bruno Nunes
71’ – Sebastian Guenzatti in for Walter Restrepo
76’ – Dani Sanchez in for PC

59’ – Walter Ramirez
87’ – Raul
90’ – Hunter Gorskie

Major Themes:

  • The Cosmos showed up late for the match, not arriving until about an hour in. Until then, chances were slim. A Cosmos double sub in the 50th minute was criticial to improve positions that had underperformed that evening. After that, it was only a matter of time until the Cardiac Cosmos arrived to steal a point in the dying moments of the match.
  • The Strikers were the dominant side in the first half, though only ending up on the scoreline due to a penalty. Poor defensive play and mistakes by the Cosmos led to chances by the Strikers that they were unable to capitalize on. A poorly called penalty and an excellent Ramirez goal gave them a seemingly insurmountable lead until they decided to trade forms with the Cosmos.

In Form:

  • Walter Ramirez (FTL) – Ramirez tore up the midfield all night and had a hand in all three Strikers goals, drawing the first penalty, scoring the second penalty, and burying an impressive goal that made the Cosmos back line look non-existent.
  • Adam Moffat (NYC) – Though ending up on the wrong side of the Ramirez goal (mostly due to a smart play and a missing back line), Adam Moffat was an improvement in the defensive mid position, helping to tighten up the Cosmos’ defense while also testing the Strikers, ultimately scoring the Cosmos’ second goal.


  • Haji Wright (NYC) – It was a rough night for the US youth player who looked inefficient all evening. Starting him against a back line that was this physical may have been a bad idea and it might have been more advisable to start him a week later against a San Antonio defense that bleeds goals.
  • Danny Szetela (NYC) – This was an atypical performance for the holding mid. More used to working with a partner, he looked somewhat lost and actually had a large part of the blame in a play that resulted in PC going one on one with Jimmy Maurer. Luckily for the Cosmos…
  • PC (FTL) – …also makes the list of liabilities. The aforementioned play, with PC making a run on Jimmy Maurer, ended with PC putting it into the keeper’s legs. Another poorly tied hop in the box ruined a chance to lob a ball over Maurer. While his clever backheel pass to Ramirez did set up the third goal, his overall performance for the night earns him a spot on this list.
  • Shawn Chin (FTL) – Fort Lauderdale’s first sub did not have the best night. Ten minutes after subbing in, Leo Fernandes is getting over him to score the Cosmos’ opening goal. A short while after that, a poor decision in passing led to the Cosmos possession prior to their second goal. Add to that the fact that he did not impact play in other way, he earns a spot on the list here.

Lessons Learned:

  • Haji Wright is not ready to start. He may have torn it up in the NPSL and against a PDL team in the US Open Cup, but he is clearly not ready to be thrust into a starting role at this level.
  • The Strikers should simply tie a defender to Leo Fernandes. Scoring the opening goal, Fernandes has now found the net against the Strikers in all three matches played this season.
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