Fall Season – Week Two Predictions

Each Friday, the experts render their verdicts on this weekend’s matchups.  This week, the Rowdies were rewarded with unanimity, our contributors generally do not believe in ties, and ice-cold Minnesota United are near-unanimous choices to surprise red-hot Ottawa Fury.  Note that the week’s predictions include the following week’s midweek games.  Here are this week’s Midfield Press predictions:

Week Two Predictions

Who do you think will earn a win this week?  Let us know in the comments.

4 Responses

  1. You lot are optimistic about the Loons’ chances this week. Hope that sentiment proves well founded. Going to be a zoo up at the Nessie with the U.S.A. Cup going on all day leading up. Hope Lagos can wright the ship. #forthechildren

      1. David Martin

        Your brain was right. Haven’t you ever been in love, Nach? This is how it goes.

        My new prediction for Wednesday: Loons lose 15-1, Carl Craig has a stroke, the big head of Michelle Bachmann comes to life, and Mozzi Gyorio shows up at the tailgate with a summons.

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