MFP By the Numbers

In honor of the recent announcement by the NASL that they are joining forces with Opta to provide in game stats, we have decided to do a little number crunching of our own, and throw some stats out there.

Since our launch in mid-2015, we now have:

– 29 contributors to the site
– 3 different leagues being covered (with a fourth in the works)
– 6 female writers
– 10 unique podcasts covering NASL, NWSL and NPSL
– 45,000 unique page views
– 643 followers on Twitter (wow, that’s it?)
– 764 tweets (including this one!)
– 424 different articles
– 148 spam comments that never got published
– 3 articles that are currently in draft mode and will probably never see the light of day
– Most viewed article – 1,996 clicks
– Incorporated as an S Corp
– Been retweeted by Ted Westervelt (but not Applebees, sadly) and no one argued

Now that may sound like bragging, but for a bunch of volunteers and soccer geeks, we think that’s pretty impressive.  We’re hoping to continue growing, and give our readers a lot more to enjoy in the coming months and years.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our contributors, writers, podcasters, and even the commenters.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

And finally, a special shout out to Nachiket Karnik (@lockstockspock on Twitter), Dan Endonino (@Unsub_Dan) and Matthew Cox (@Unsub_Matt) for starting this thing off from scratch.  Thank you guys for everything.

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  1. walter

    Just found you guys on the internet….now bookmarked and looked at every day for my NASL, etc. news.

    keep up the great work!

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