TUFcast Ep. 13

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NEW TUFcast: Episode 13

New Site Launch! NASL Break News, and Fall Season Predictions

Whether this is your first listen or you keep TUFcast on repeat in every room in your house welcome in the fall NASL season with a brand spanking new episode!

Hear us discuss the launch of Midfield Press before diving headfirst into the shallow pool of NASL offseason news. Stay tuned for our fall predictions where Kyle prepares to run the table on Nach in our match prediction game.

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2 Responses

  1. OpenCupFan

    Great episode, really enjoyed the interaction between the hosts. Can Nach be having any more fun? His enthusiasm is effusive.
    Also, wanted to let you guys know some Cosmos fans call the NJRB v. ManCityToddlers games “El Plastico.”

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