The Crossover Effect: North American Soccer Fans Embrace #BellLetsTalk Activism

If you follow a lot of the soccer community on Twitter, a curious new hashtag has popped up today – #BellLetsTalk.  So the first question is always “what the hell does that mean?”

To put it simply, is your typical broadband / telecom / media corporation akin to AT&T or Comcast in the US (minus the velcro nipple flaps), but based in Canada.  They have designated today, January 27th as “Bell Let’s Talk Day” which is using social media, text messaging and long distance calling (wait, that’s still a thing?) to raise awareness of mental health issues, and dispel the myths surrounding those issues.  It’s easy to be cynical and say that this is a marketing scheme – which it is – but it’s legitimately a good thing, even if you’re not a Canadian customer of theirs.

As a result, will donate 5 cents (4 cents US!) for every usage of the #BellLetsTalk hashtag on Twitter.  The money will go into a MASSIVE list of grants, non-profits and community health centers all around Canada.

You can find out more information about this initiative by going to their website HERE.

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